Here is my quick watercolour sketch I done during class on Tuesday. This was then used in one of Johnnys edits with Meabhs concept art to create this cool under water look. I tried to make this scene seem murky with all my browns and red tones in the rocks and dark greens and blues of the water.
This is the exact same scene only I done it in chalk. This roughly took me about 3 minutes, it has a rough fuzzy feel to it. I also made a colour pallet below this piece which we thought  would represent our would.

  These are two rough chalk pieces I had done roughly to give me a sense of colour within the concept art which the team before me had done. On the top one, I wanted to keep it quite earthy looking and then have the sea quite pale in the back ground.

On the other hand I wanted to keep the bubbles/meteors quite dark and blue compared to the sea which is a light green.

This is my really colourful mermaid. I really enjoyed working on this as I got to experiment with colours. However I wish I had of used white paper instead of doing it straight on to my sketch book.


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