Concepts regarding Colour. 

This was my very first time using photoshop to draw on. I really struggled with this as I hadn’t a clue how to work it. However it’s not the worst, I do think I should have blended everything abit more as its a bit jagged. 
After doing my chalk drawing of the bubbles/meteors, I decided to draw them up on the computer. I used a blue colour palet, with some white and black. I like how some of these are defined and others are blurt to create the illusion that they are further away.

Again after doing my rough chalk study in colour I decided to transfer it on to my computer and make a concept art out of it. I really like the dark and murkiness of this piece. It feels to me that it is right down at the bottom of our world where it’s more land than water. I like the use of deep red within the green to give it a warmer look. 
This is the most recent concept I had done. To be honest I think I over done her bottom. She looks more like J-lo than a mermaid! However it is my favourite one out of them all. I think I sort have got the light and shade correct with the sea and her body, unfortunately not so much with the cave. I will work on that!


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