Moss Man: Origins

After the raindrop world we got moved worlds, we were now in moss mans world. As I missed the first few weeks my knowledge of this world wasn’t that great. Anyway, we had to make a motion graphic. This again was way out of my comfort zone as I’ve never had to do much computer work as I come from a fine art background.

I was given the role of doing some typography, unlike the others in the group my computer skills were not as good so I decided to mine by hand as seen below.

In my sketchbook there is typography that was supposed to be used for the motion graphic. Unfortunately, we ran out of time so it was not used.


This is our final outcome, however during the making there was a bit of confusion on what were actually doing in regards to the motion graphic as it ended up at the start more like an animatic. But I think it turned out well in the end.




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