Rain Drop World: Story Board Ideas

Again, we are still on this world and out project this week was to draw up storyboards which will then be used in an animatic. We as a group met and discussed ideas and layouts in how the story board could play out. So each of us came up with story lines and sketch used ideas that we would then present to our group. I really liked the idea of two tribes fighting each other but low and behold two people, one in each side of the tribe fall in love with each other. Would it have a tragic ending ? or would it be “happily ever after?”

However, my idea even though it was liked was not used. We as a group settled on a different idea, a more simplistic version and the outcome was great.

As you see below in the very last image is a quick step by step plan of our story board. Each of us took slides and drew up some quick sketches interpreting each bullet point.

For research into the fish I looked on Pinterest where I found different drawings and types of fish. Which i then used as references when i was drawing fish.



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