Sound World: Dance Styles/Rules

So we split the characters up into different styles of dances.
Square- tradition Irish/ war dance like haka and capoeira – procession based music
Triangle- hip hop dancing- music like Pop, Techno and R and B
Circle- ballroom and ballet- classical music like violins etc

So for each style of dance we looked at different dance styles and their rules/techniques.

Ballet Rules/Techniques

• legs must be turned out from hip socket
• Head up
• shoulders back
• neck elongated
• stomachs in
• bottoms tucked in
• hips squared
• when arms are in positions there is a slight bend
• thumbs in
• supporting leg must be strong
• use of head to add feel
• strength in your core
• pointed feet
• Correct placement of bun
• correct uniform
• knowing the correct theory and vocabulary
• timing
• musicality
• artisty
• dynamic range
• character
• fluidity
• sharpness

Ballroom (Waltz) Rules/Techniques

• Closed changes
• natural turn
• reverse turn
• natural spin turn
• whisk
• chasse from promenade position
• weave from PP
• outside spin
• turning lock
• drag hesitation
• turning lock to right
• slip pivot
• hover corte
• left whisk
• closed wing
• correct posture
• correct hold and frame
• correct distance from partner
• timing
• musicality
• dynamic rage
• correct costume
• fluidity
• sharpness
• character
• use of stage and space

Hiphop Rules/Techniques

• dynamic range
• sharpness
• fulidity
• musicality
• sharpness
• facial expressions
• character
• costume
• Incase of a battle must accept others space and routine
• Incase of freestyle battle moves must go with music and you cannot copy other contestants moves
• Popping
• Locking
• Waking
• Tutting
• use of stage and space
• spacial awareness
• Voguing
• Krumping
• reggae dance movements
• commercial
• lyrical

Irish Dancing Rules

– Dancers must do left to right for an entire step i.e. Cannot start on the left foot and end on the left foot.
– All dances are danced step on right and left food and set on right foot only.
– Any shape under 11 seconds in age cannot participate in on pointe moves.
– No triple clicks allows for shapes under 11 seconds old.
– The following movements are allowed; skips, threes, sevens, hops, jump over/ leap/ cut/ point/ single heels/ jump/ stamp/ toes/ kick the heel/ trebles/ brushes.
– Speed for each dance is dependable on the sound produced by the Equilizer.
– No costumes or props are applicable.
Smiling is compulsory to match up with the traditions.



-Obey the referee at all times
-Enter the roda with au
-Maintain the ginga at all times in the game
-No grappling once on the floor
-No punching
-No hair pulling
-No kicks to the groin
-No gouging the eye
-No small joint manipulation
-Maintain good sportsmanship at all times
-Shake opponent’s hand before and after the game

Overall Rules for World

  • No fighting among competitors will be tolerated
  • No additional props or costumes to be worn
  • Each dance section will last thirty seconds, the World will decided at random which to dance to
  • The competitor’s performance will be judged on the following : skills/accuracy of dance moves, musicality and how they interact with the music, the creativity of moves, the performance itself.
  • The performance will be judged by the World, skill and ability will be reflected as how the equaliser reacts with each person.

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