Sound World: Game

In our final two weeks, we got moved about with completely new groups and new worlds.
I got on sound world with Becca, Jacob and Lina. All people who I have never worked with before.
We were given the task to create a game for the world and the end outcome should be a powerpoint showing the origins and culture of the world and how this lead to a game.

As this was our first time on this world we each took a moment to get our bearings with the world. As I was looking at previous groups work for the world, I suggested to my group about a dance game. As it was a world that lives in sound what else would suit it better?

We the agreed on the idea of a dance game we all went home that evening and drew up spider diagrams with ideas. Below is mine.
As I dance, I got really excited for this project!


Below is Becca’s



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