Creative Elements: Overview

Coming into this course later than everyone else was one thing, but then seeing everyone’s work and realising how amazing they are, is another. That’s why I found this semester the most stressful experience I’ve ever had.
Coming from a foundation degree not in the Art College itself was hard and coming from a fine art background was even harder. Seeing people doing these amazing works digitally made me freak out. So I borrowed a graphics tablet and tried it out, keep in mind I wasn’t good at it and I’m still not the best!


The photography assignment, where do I start. Mess, I couldn’t grasp it at all. I came in half way through it which meant I was running about last minute trying to capture photographs that represented these words I had no idea what they meant. Which lead to a lot of googling and a lot of crap photography.


When I came back from being off all the worlds were already developed. Which I was a bit gutted about because I would have really enjoyed working on the character designs for different worlds.

I think animation as a degree is a lot different to every other one. You don’t sit in a massive hall with a large number of people, you sit in a room with a small number of people listening to the weird and wonderful lectures given by Conánn.


Overall, I enjoyed my first semester as not only did I meet new people, I learned new skills and I learned more things about myself.


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