Design Discourse: Overview

Within this module, I enjoyed the essay. I found some amusing facts by one of animations biggest icons Walt Disney. With the research I had done for this essay I found out what he was really like. I hope it made for an interesting read.
But maya. Oh my, made my life one hundred times more stressful. Here is where I really struggled throughout the hole course, this was the worst. I found it so hard to get the timing correct on things, even a simple already made worm. I found the principles hard to put into action even though they are so simple. Trying to navigate through the programme was even worse, especially when you don’t have a mouse and have to use your laptop pad.

I think the one I found the most aggravating was the obstacle course. As it took me absolutely ages to get the ball where I wanted it to go. As sometimes it was miss a part of the course and I would need to put extra key frames in which made the timing go funny. Then I would either have to start from the beginning or rejig the hole thing. It made me so frustrated.

But on the other hand, the one I enjoyed the most was the bouncy balls. As it was my first maya task, I enjoyed it as I didn’t know what I was getting myself in for.  After that it got stressful.

Overall, I think I’ve a lot to improve when it comes to maya and I look forward to more stressful days at it and learning how to improve in maya.


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