Fight Club: Research

Our team got the movie ‘Fight Club’ for the artefact and schematic assignment. Although I was happy enough with the movie, I didn’t overly like it at the same time. It really confused me and after watching it numerous of times it confused me even more.

So the Plot went like this:
A nameless man known as the ‘Narrator’ joins therapy groups in an attempt to control his emotions and get rid of his insomnia. When he meets ‘Marla’ another fake attendant of support groups she upsets the flow of things in his life. But it is when he meets ‘Tyler’ he gets dragged into an underground fight club/soap making scheme is where things really spiral out of control, as both grow competitive towards love and power. When the ‘Narrator’ discovers ‘Tyler’s’ hidden agenda, he must accept that he may not be who he seems to be.

After watching the movie numerous of times, I decided to look into the more symbolic side  of things and discovered that there is more to the movie than what there had seemed to be;
* Shows us key themes throughout the movie
* Glycer in form of soap can be used to make nigtroglycerin used in bombs
* Fat from people used to make soap
* Tylers speech about the history of soap:
– Human Oppression – sacrifice the poor in benefit for the wealthy
* Through the use of soap ‘Tyler’ inverts his ideas in order to change things up side down
*Stealing fat from the rich and giving back to the rich. Like a ‘Robin Hood’ figure

* Cultures without soap used their own urine or animals to clean their hair and clothes
* When ‘Tyler’ and ‘Project Mayhem’ confront government officials these men usually wet themselves, therefore cleaning the world.

Project Mayhem
* Tools of The Trade
– these men are just kegs of powder and ‘Tyler’ is the trigger
– They are just tools for ‘Tyler’ to achieve his goals
* Making Mischief
– ‘Tylers’ entire existence managed to subvert the ‘Narrators’ consciousness
– Seeds where growing in the ‘Narrators’ mind about project mayhem even before they where realised
– ‘Tyler’s’ haikus captures the P.M philosophy in 7 syllables
“Worker bees can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave”
– All violence/death point to one goal – a near life experience
– “you can only live once you hit rock bottom”

* Two meaning in the dictionary “a malignant and invasive growth or tumour” and “evil condition or thing that spreads destructively”
* Whether or not ‘fight club’ is evil it definitely spreads destructively
* When the ‘Narrator’ realises that he is ‘Tyler’ and created this, he fears that “the cancer (he doesn’t)  have is everywhere now.” P.M has grown above the point of treatment

Lye Kiss
* Symbol within a symbol
* The lye kiss that ‘Tyler’ lays on the ‘Narrator’ and everyone who joins is an external mark of an internal condition – the desire to destroy
* Fairy Tales are frequently mentioned throughout the movie – mentions both ‘ Snow White’ and ‘Cinderella’ most importantly princesses that are awoken by kisses
* ‘Tyler’ is like the prince waking up his princesses

* ‘Narrator’ is destroyed with insomnia and has an intriguing way of describing it
“Everything is so far away, a copy of a copy of a copy. The insomnia distance of                  everything, you can’t tough anything and nothing can touch you.”
* Distances himself from reality and doesn’t realise he is ‘Tyler’
* “Am I asleep? have I slept?” he is sleep walking through his life

Through this research it helped me to think deeper about the story line and the internal and external meaning behind things. After reading through all this I think it would be a good idea to focus on the symbolism behind the story rather than the obvious.

The Deeper Meaning of Fight Club: You are not the Contents of Your Wallet


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