Fight Club: The Artefact

Where to start…For the artefact we decided to go towards the more symbolic side of things. So my first idea came from the fact that Project Mayhem was planted in the narrators head before he even realised. So I thought maybe a seed would be a good representation? As a seed starts of small and grows and grows.

Then I was also thinking of Tylers haikus especially the one about the bees. Bees have a hierarchy, their queen bee aka Tyler and his worker bees aka Project Mayhem.

Megan then came up with this cool idea about having a sort of distorted face and having like one of them cool skull vodka bottles as the distorted part as you can see the refection of yourself in it. Symbolising the fact that everyone has a piece of tyler in them. So I remembered that I had a photoshop piece that I had down with half of my face distorted so from there I started doing some sketches, it was from here the idea of teeth came up. Originally we were going to make moulds of teeth out of soap. however that didn’t go through.

When we were meant to meet on Wednesday 10th of Feb, I got a massive shock that I was going to Paris. When I came home the idea of the teeth developed and it was from here I started working on the illustrations on the coffee cups. I really enjoyed doing the illustrations as I got to try out new styles and a new surface to draw on. I found drawing on the cup was extremely awkward as it was hard to get the straight lines I wanted as often the curve of the cup put it off.

I started of sketching out the ‘Narrator’ and ‘Tyler’ in a style that was like Egon Schiele (so Gianni said) Then I came up with the idea of having the ‘Narrator’ on the outside of the cup and ‘Tyler’, ‘Marla’, and ‘Bob’ 3 main influential characters inside the cup, representing that maybe they all could be inside his mind.

Gianni was telling me how they tried to put ‘Marla’ into the Starbucks logo as a sort of subliminal message about ‘Fight Club’. So I took this idea and along with Gianni’s idea with the cup and the light, I done some sketches of ‘Marla’ as like a logo. However, it for me I felt turned out pretty shit as again I found it awkward as this time it was in a small circle at the bottom of a cup. Gianni then drew out a “My Name is” name tag and both of us went and photographed these things in unusual place. We decided to photograph the cup and badge at the window of the Uni while the things were either placed at the window or over by the rubble of the old building across the road, representing the destruction of Project Mayhem. We also put the cup outside and took the photograph from the window on the 2nd floor of the Uni as again a subliminal message to how the fightclub could be advertised.

Because Jack looks like the ‘Narrator’ slightly, myself and Gianni thought it would be cool if I illustrated half of his face in the same style, so there was the actual photo of jack, the illustrated one and then the ‘Narrator’ on the cup. Representing “Its a copy of a copy of a copy” Because of this I then ran with the idea of “Its a copy of a copy of a copy” I then done a chalk drawing of ‘Marla’ which I then edited to represent the saying. I also done it again with my drawing of the Starbucks cup with the teeth working off one of Megan’s photographs.

I also then played about with the idea of the cup Megan had done being the symbolic side to fight club and my cup with the illustration of the ‘Narrator’ hinting you on to have a look so you will get sucked in.

The final outcome was the cup with the teeth and blood but it was also the graphic drawing of the cup that got printed out and put across the city as a subliminal message towards ‘Fight Club’ as it is everywhere if you look hard enough. This is how they get their members through subtle hints and logos.

Below is some photographs of work that was mentioned above:



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