Review of Assignment

Okay so my overview of the assignment regarding the movie fight club…. Well I didn’t overly like the movie to start with never mind watching it a good 9/10 times! However, I actually didn’t mind researching about the symbolic side of things as I found that interesting especially the soap side as it made more sense to me!

I really enjoyed drawing as it’s the first sort of assignment I got to draw and try new styles. Especially drawing on the coffee cups I found it awkward but also intriguing to do, and there is many artist that work on coffee cups which I found fascinating!

The schematic well well well. What a piece of work! Not only did I have problems understanding what it was in the first place, the software done nothing but lag and jumble things up. It also never saved when you clicked save and had a memory of its on!

Overall I enjoyed getting arty for the first time in a while as this let me loose as I was aloud to try out new styles of drawing! I feel as my sketchbook shows more than my blog which is quite the norm.


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