500 Words On Life Drawing

I love life drawing! But this was completely different to what we were doing in Foundation. In foundation we got longer poses allowing us to really study and work on our piece. This was not the case in animation. Holy god, my first day in life drawing was a disaster we got 10 SECONDS to draw. 10 SECONDS! How are you supposed to draw a figure in 10 seconds. I was so lost it was ridiculous. My work was humiliating and looked like a bunch of squiggles, which probably been okay if I was doing a fine art degree. Due to the lack of time to draw I often felt I was missing many things like proportion, perspective etc. I was often focusing on detail instead of getting the basic outlines down therefore leaving pieces unfinished.

However. Mikes help and showing me how you can use basic shapes to create form was astonishing. I didn’t know that you could draw like that before I met him. He also explained that there are no straight lines in the body and encouraged us to use C and S shapes. He also explained gesture drawing more to me, I understood everything a lot more. Gesture drawing is about getting the basic shape and motion in your drawing. He also explained to us about getting the correct balance in you drawing, understanding the placement of the body and the tension it often creates. Tension is another part Mike explained to us. There is different points of tension depending on the pose the model is taking,  for example if the model is leaning on one leg there is going to more tension and pull on that leg compared to the other. Everything Mike has taught us all adds up to the term ‘Solid Drawing’.

For me, I’ve always loved life drawing ever since my first day of foundation. I love getting into the zone of drawing from a live model. Mike has taught me so much and I feel as if I have came a long way from my first class this year. Personally I like the longer poses than the short gesture ones as I still struggle at times with my time keeping. I feel as though I still have a long way to go to produce for me what I would say is the perfect solid drawing. I feel that if I don’t keep practising I lose the swig of things and drawing like the way Mike taught goes down the drain. I am still trying to find my own style when it comes to both digital and traditional art and I hope these classes with Mike continue to improve my work and develop me as an artist. And Honestly I wish we had more 2D classes.

I picked 4 photographs (even though Mike said 3) demonstrating the things that Mike had taught. Well trying to demonstrate. These are longer poses which I had drawn.


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