Floating Rome..

Okay so me and blogging have a bad thing going and I realise leaving it all to the last minute isn’t the correct thing to do; but its something I am working on.

So this assignment, I actually enjoyed bar the maya work. I found all the research interesting and has really pushed me into wanting to go and see Rome itself.

I got the holidays, food and fashion/textiles to research. I was actually shocked at how many holidays they had similar to us; the celebrate christmas, easter etc. But they do hold some odd ones like ‘Epiphany’ which is much like christmas – an old lady flies on her broomstick and delivers presents to children. But honestly for me it sounds like a nicer version of Halloween.
When I was researching food, Gianni told me that fat people still to this day are looked down upon which I thought was a bit rude no? To be perfectly honest I really don’t know how they are all skinny, like have you seen the amount of courses they eat in a sitting!
Italians have 9 courses in each sitting but this only happens really in major events like weddings etc.
Fashion and textiles was easy enough to find research about as it is one of the leading countries in the world for fashion. Italy alone has produced designers Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Versace to name a few. In ancient Rome there was four major types of fabric used Linen, silk, wool and cotton. after finding this out I rummaged through my textile box at hole and found loose pieces of fabric that I thought would represent these and made two samples For one I chose bland colours of browns and creams showing the poorer side of rome and then for the other I chose pastel colours such as blues, pinks and purples to represent the wealthy as dying fabric a different colour was only used by wealthy people.

While I was researching one night I was watching ‘Avatar’ which gave me the idea of our world connecting to the stars using a similar method as the ‘Na’vi’ do in their mating ritual as they connect their ‘queues’ in an act called ‘Tsaheylu’ which creates a bond for life. So my idea was…what if they connect to stars for life? then they would have an energy source for life. Anyway this idea was clearly not used as it is far fetched haha.

I also came up with an other idea of 3 main floating boxes representing the 3 main social classes in Rome which then had four linking boxes to represent different areas of Rome. This was very similar to the final outcome.

After we settled on our final income we split the tasks up using ‘Asana’ I got the housing and entertainment area. But because of my shit maya skills and me struggling with maya led me to finish my first area later than everyone else therefore the entertainment area got shifted to Rebecca. While focusing on the housing I came across this really cool place in rome called ‘Casina Delle Civette – Villa Torlonia’ it has this hobbit feel to the house but it was a mansion. It is now my dream home! I based my houses of it and its bay windows with a lot of shrubbery and vines within the houses walls. My ideas and concepts on paper were a hell of a lot different to what I could produce in maya, well my houses in maya….I wouldn’t even let my dog live in them lol It took me nearly a week to model one house, it was and is my worst nightmare. I found this cool interior design programme for your computer (free of course) called ‘Home by Me’ I tried my had at it too but it turns out I’m crap at interior design as well!
However, as I was studying the housing and streets I got to work on  my perspective drawing which is SLIGHTLY improving!

I also dabbled in the transport of Italy and I came to recognise they all drive ‘Fiat 500’ or ‘Vespas’! they also have bad road rage according to Giani

At the start the entertainment area was meant to have this class bubble dome thing going on…which again tried to happen in maya and didn’t. But anyway I found this really cool place in Co.Fermanagh called ‘Finn Lough’ which is where I drew my inspiration from!(photos down below)

Data Visualisation…..
well infographics more like, this I wish I had more time on. I love illustrating and came up with some nice ideas, but even though I love illustrating my Graphics is shit! I really need to brush up on my rules and stuff with it. The references that I found for the infographic posters where great, when I had drew some ideas they turned out good but when it came to doing it digitally I may as well let my 4 year old brother do it.

To be honest, I learnt a lot form this assignment. Even though I am useless at maya, I have developed some skills, I know a HELL of a lot about Rome. Ive developed my own style a bit  and I have learnt what data visualisation/infographics is. Oh and thanks to Conann I now know what silly graphic things to look out for when putting together a powerpoint.

I hope my sketchbook does more justice than this blog post….lol

finished streetBelow are some of the images both out of my sketch book, maya and infographic references.

PowerPoint link:

Research Links:
‘Leonardo Da Vinci – Martin Kemp’
‘ Master Pieces – M A Canaday’

Pinterest Link:





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