Head Model.

Since maya isn’t my strong point you can imagine how much fun I had with this!
I had started it around the 6 week mark of the module, and had left it and came back to it numerous of times; because of the pressure that was put on us with the new narratives module I fell behind in my head model.

During my modelling experience I have experienced many difficulties, especially with the nose and ears which still aren’t even half decent looking. I found out if u click the merge from centre button you end up looking like some weird alien creature. My nose god where do I even start with it, its a mess the typology is wrong, it looks like a blob on a stick! and my ears well the look okay from the side (and that is being ridiculously kind) they are just weird shaped snails if I’m honest.
I started off using a plane and modelled one half of the face using the vertices and edges, I then mirrored the model (which wasnt the easiest) and made the correct changes that were needed. When it came to modelling the back of my head my computer kept crashing when I tried to insert edge loop and merge. Conann believes that my computer isn’t strong enough for the software.

I really struggled getting the correct shape of my face as well as the typology.
Topology “is the mathematical study of the properties that are preserved through deformations, twistings, and stretchings of objects. Tearing, however, is not allowed. A circle is topologically equivalent to an ellipse (into which it can be deformed by stretching) and a sphere is equivalent to an ellipsoid.”


I tried to follow the tutorial which Dervla had gave me, it was a struggle. It is a good tutorial though.



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