Imaging & Data Visualisation Overview.

The first half of this module I enjoyed as I got to do research into a place that was so interesting and rich with history, I also got to draw and experiment with textiles. But on the other hand the modelling of our city took me a while as I really struggled with maya!
Which lead to the next assignment being absolute death. I struggled and got their half way in the end, its not great but it is the best I could do and I tried a lot.
The head model was the most difficult of all the assignments as it was something that seemed easy but took a lot of work and maybe if I kept working away at it rather that doing a bit and leaving it for a couple of weeks and going back to it I wouldn’t maybe as struggled as much. The tutorials helped me a bit but it all made it more confusing and as I researched more into typology the less I ended up understanding! Which sounds insane I know.

The way the class was on a Friday often left it difficult for me as at times I was stuck in traffic which would either make me extremely late or miss the class completely which happened a few times due to accidents.

Other than that I feel as if I learned a lot about maya in this module and also learned I have a long way to go. I also learned that my computer is rubbish and maya hates me… ha!


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