15 Second Animation Ideas.

So our second assignment for this module is to create a 15 second long animation.
My group consisted of myself, Megan and Sinead. We had a team meeting and decided to go away and think of ideas that would make a good story line and be interesting for a 15 second animation.
My ideas are as follows;

  • A cute cube of sugar falling into his love which is a cup of tea.
  • ‘An Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.
  • Micheal Angelos ‘ Day and Night ‘.
  • A lonely sun flower and its seed.
  • Fat and skinny worms.
  • Candles lit to melting.
  • Rain drop meeting the ocean.
  • Caterpillar turns into a butterfly.
  • Bread being made into toast.
  • Jelly fish searching for his colony.
  • Fire VS water.
  • Bleeding trees.
  • What happens in a cloud?

I done some thumbnails of a few of my ideas but I decided to focus on the candle and develop it. I came up with the idea that the flame fell in love with the candle which in the end melted. I decided to look at some ideas for the flame and found and artist/sculpture called Chris Rynaik and I took major inspiration from him in the design for our flame.
I then found an artist to makes sculptures out of wax his name is Urs Fischer. His sculptures captured everything I was trying to explain, especially the sculpture of the man who has his head on the table with the candle burning and melting his body.

But even though this idea was one we were really considering it was soon shut down due to animating melting wax and the difficulties of it. There was also confusion which Mike pointed out towards the story line and how the flame would have to be attached to something to be lit and was it something that hinted to a seductive nature. So in the end we decided to leave the idea and go in search for another one.

Although we liked the idea of the fire we kept that part of things. We came up with the idea that Fire falls in love with water, but when they touch water puts fire out but in the end their love is to much so they touch and merge into steam. For water we looked at Will ‘O’ the Whisps out of brave, we liked the idea of them being similar.

But in the end we had to scrap the idea and go back to the drawing board.




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