To the Moon & Back.


My Idea

So This idea happened half way through our initial project. It was to late to tell the group as we were already a good bit in. So I kept things to myself. The idea came one night when I was watching a dream works movie, their logo triggered some questions. Where did the boy come from? Does he live there? All this made me think maybe he was a boy from rome and thats was his world now. Ive had a pretty defined idea for a long time of how the world on the moon will look.
So I hope you enjoy the read and the idea.

Dream Works Logo

So the dream works logo was thought up by Steven Spieldberg  who initially thought the boy was to be a man but artist Robert Hunt who convinced Spieldberg for the man to be a boy. Over the years the logo has slightly changed, clouds have been added and it has became more 3D than the original.


I started my research at the basic question, is the moon able to be lived on? There is many theories from many different people. I found one on a website that gave me a bit of hope. Because the moon has no atmosphere low sense of gravity and no resources for food, you would think its not possible? But it may be. There is said to be frozen ice and water in the south poll of the moon! Humans need water more than food to survive as the body is like 80% water right? So if we have a way to get that ice to the surface then we have a chance!
Ofcourse, most of the food will have to be taken out to the moon but once the human species evolves will food really be that necessary?

Phases of the Moon
I started looking at the phases of the moon, there is 12 all together some are not extremely different. I was looking at these because I was wondering to myself which phase would be the best for our new city? At first i thought it would be easiest to do the full moon, but the more I thought to myself (taking into consideration the ice) the crescent moon would be the best. That way people would be able to drill and cut right down into the south poll off the moon and unleash the water and ice. Having the crescent moon as our shape also allows us to think of energy.

The most sensible idea to create energy for the world would be to use a star right? Completely right! There is an idea about called “stella lifting” which is stealing hydrogen from the star. You can do this by using lasers. My idea is to create a glass star like shape before they leave the city that will reflect the closest start, the reflective light will then act as a laser and the hydrogen will bounce into our glass star storing it as energy. The closest star to the moon is called the Spica its from this star that we will harvest the energy.

Weather on the moon
The weather on the moon goes from extreme to extreme. During the day it is 100 degrees but at night the temperature drops to a staggering -173 degrees. This is due to the moon having no atmosphere to let heat out and trap heat in.

I was watching an episode of the Simpsons it was the Simpsons and Futurama cross over episode. I noticed at the end there is aliens having a domestic argument. The woman of the two is giving off about her husband turning the atmosphere off at night. Could this be an idea? to have a button that you can turn the atmosphere on and off? Would be a good idea if the moon had one but unfortunately it doesn’t so thats that idea out the drain.

Because there is no atmosphere, clothing is the only solution. I was researching different fabrics and the best to keep heat in and out are thermal ones such as Polypropylene, Polyester, wool and surprisingly silk (which is good for layering)  I think personally, going back to ancient Roman clothes would be the best as you can layer and layer with out looking bulky because we all know how serious the Italians take their fashion. And of course all these clothes would be produced before the move and fabrics taken out.

The main religion in Italy at this moment is Catholicism. But in ancient times they worshiped gods. There was many different gods regarding different planets such as Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars etc. Each one representing different things, Take Venus for example she is the goddess of love. There is also Luna, she is the Devine embodiment of the moon. In roman art Luna’s attributes are the crescent moon (another reason why to choose the crescent moon) and the two yoke chariot. Will the civilians go back to the old ways and worship Luna?

How will people look
Over time due to the lack of oxygen, I think their nose and lungs will have to adapt, making their nose bigger to take in more oxygen at once. Lungs increasing in size to adapt with the lack of oxygen and storing more.

Will main Roman attractions be in the new city?
After researching some roman attractions such as Arch  of Constantine, Baths of decollation, Colosseum, St. Peters, Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps etc. I thought they could all be rebuilt. But if your moving to a new life why bring something old with you? So I narrowed the attractions down to two. The Colosseum and The Spanish Steps and the Arch of Constantine. Why these three? The Colosseum for its entertainment purposes. This will be situated near the top of the crescent moon and the spanish steps, I chose this one because of its monument at the top. It could be rebuilt but it burrowing down into the hidden ice and water and the water could then be pumped up the monument, and its there where the people will go up the steps to collect the water it would be situated at the bottom near the middle close to the south poll. The Arch of Constantine is to create an entrance into the shopping area where there will be markets and shops.

As there is holes in the moon it would make sense to make use of these. These will be created into housing for the people who will live there. They will be basic with lots of holes to let as much oxygen in as possible.

In conclusion, I wish I thought of this idea earlier, I wish I had the time to actually try to model the world on maya before the deadline. To have this as our final outcome would have been really cool. But to model the final product by myself I simply don’t have the skills. Hopefully over the rest of the summer I will do another blog post with the attempt of the moon model as It will keep my maya skills up. The head model was my main focus as it was the main thing I wanted to accomplish (it took a lot of hours but I’m pretty glad it did) but I do wish I spent more time on this as well. I also spent a good lot of time on my infographic. This link
helped me a lot when it came to designing as graphics wouldn’t be my strong point. You can find my infographic by clicking on the link >>>

You can also find more information on Rome and my other world project in this link >

Even though this time I haven’t overly focused on the stats of rome more so the capability and stats on the moon made things more interesting as I wasn’t just regurgitating the same old stuff.

References Links


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