Final Finished Head Model.

So I had to redo my head model. Well which was expected my last one was horrifying, and well this one is slightly better but it still aint no Da Vinci. This time I changed my laptop and got working on it straight away, spending a couple of hours each day on it. I also found better tutorials which made things a hell of a lot simpler. Before I started modelling with a plane but this took me step by step and I created the polygon shape of the head instead of trying to make it out of something else.

There was 3 parts to the tutorial each focusing a lot on topology, In this head model it is better but I still need a lot of work on it. And at some times I found myself creating Tries when its better to have quads as they are easier to work with and makes things look more fluid. I started by creating the shape of the head and working on the nose and mouth exturdeing outward and fixing the vertices as I went. The nose and the mouth was difficult to get the correct shape and I am still continuing to try to perfect it. I fell into difficulties when merging vertices as sometimes the left you with tries. Ive quite an oval face but my cheeks are a bit chubby, This was hard to get in the model as i left my jaw line quite narrow. My eyes kinda freak me out but I think thats because they are just empty.

After working on the nose and mouth I headed to the second tutorial were it worked on the eyes and rest of the head, it was pretty similar as you were extruding and fixing vertices and merging them as you went along.

Part 3 was when things got tricky, it was when I had to model the ears. This made me quiet confused and had to watch the tutorial numerous of times. In the end I sort of got it but it still isn’t quite correct and I am not sure where I went wrong, I also noticed my ears are ridiculously low down compared to others.

What I’ve learnt by redoing this model is that patience is a virtue with maya, and you really need to take ur time and work hard at it. Following tutorials (especially good ones) are a god sent. Oh and a good computer too, using a different computer made this 10 times easier in the fact it wasnt shutting down or lagging. Instead things are running smoothly. Would I say my head model is perfect? Hell no but it has improved a lot (bar the nose its still bad) I tried my best with the topology and sometimes it worked and others it didn’t but I worked to try and fix the problem.

Below are links to the tutorials in which I used:
Part 1

Part 2





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