Body Mechanics.


  • Body Mechanics – Examples could include – Getting up from a seated or laying down position, a jump across a gap, turning 180 degrees etc
  • Plan, research, peer assess/critique and help your team mate

My Body Mechanics

For my body mechanics I decided to do a saute jump. A saute jump is a jump done in ballet. My jump starts and end with feet in 5th position and arms in Bras bas which is the starting arm position. The jump also starts and ends in a plie. Knees go out over the toes and when you jump your legs snap together and you point your toes. Creating the sharpness of the jump was a problem I ran into. When I quicken it up it looked to fast and when I went back to the way it was I think it looks to slow. But it is better than the faster looking jump.  The first few times I attempted the jump the starting looked very stiff and jagged. There was a slight pause between the bend of the knees and jump. After a few tweeks I finally got it flowing, I then added a slight movement of the head.

First few attemps



Reference Video


Final Attempt

Personally my final attempt is okay and it could be improved by just keep working on it. I really want it to be perfect as it would be good to have in my showreel. I just need to work on the sharpness of my jump.
Alec gave me some notes which I am still working on.


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