Final Outcome Of Scene.

This is the final render outcome of our scene. Eve started out the composition of our scene and then Samantha took over.

I think it turned out pretty well and all the models look brilliant. Only thing I am worried about is the fact only one of my original models made it into the scene. I don’t know whether they weren’t good enough? Or they just didn’t get put in? Id love to know why.

But other than that I think its brilliant and it shows off everyones hard work!


  • boots
  • camp chair
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • rope
  • bowl
  • plate
  • strings
  • hammer
  • tent
  • pegs
  • inside of tent
  • clothesline
  • blanket
  • campfire


  • tent exterior
  • swiss army knife
  • axe
  • 4 leaf types
  • tin can


  • cans
  • compass
  • canteen
  • map
  • matches




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