Walk Cycle.

All my walk cycles: https://vimeo.com/album/4238659/page:1/sort:preset/format:thumbnail


So my walk cycle was a bit of a disaster (I FORGOT TO SAVE) but I managed to get it redone. However, I want to make it perfect for my showreel. Theres a lot of issues. I think her walk is to bouncy and I don’t know whether its me or not but her knees look funny! Again I think her upper body looks stiff and needs loosened up. When I tried to make her hips wiggle a little more, it looked like she was twerking constantly! Not a look anyone should go for! Andrew Nourse walk cycle stuff really helped me mark out the main poses. I was really grateful that Alec had put it up on blackboard.

I enjoyed animating more than I thought! However it was the fiddly bits that really got to me. It was getting that heel toe movement! Trying to get her to go in a straight line, I sometimes found thats her feet were all over the place as they weren’t really going parallel to each other.

For some reason, I found this a lot harder than my body mechanics. Maybe because theres more pernickety bits to do.

Timing was another thing I need to work on, Andrew Nourse helped with the key poses but it was the in between timing. It was getting that movement of the body without having it look cartoon like. I found getting the body to naturally bob up and down was hard. I just seemed to over exaggerate it and it looked funny.

I need to get the walk looping.



Mathew Roe

I love pinterest for references, but the only thing is it is hard for finding the actual artists some times. But I came across this walk cycle with the character out of 101 dalmatians. And when I clicked on the link it was amazing! It had so many references for absolutely everything.
Heres the link: http://www.iamag.co/features/character-design-collection-walk-cycle/?mc_cid=c3578187c3&mc_eid=bf7bf42071#jp-carousel-139211













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