BBC Archive Project: Ideation


Where do I start…. Okay so Alec made a group which consisted of myself, Rhea, Bethnay and Kristina. Which I was excited about as I have never worked with them before.
Then we got our script from the BBC. It was about The Beatles returning home from America. At the beginning we were all pretty happy until we started coming up with ideas. We soon found out the was many things already done with regards to The Beatles. We toyed about the idea that they were actually beetle bugs but yet again it was already done. Rhea spoke to Micheal and he suggested to take a step back from the script, showing the time period ( maybe set in a public place) and maybe focus on the journalist rather than The Beatles. That is exactly what we done and we ran with it. Our story boards went from being really basic to really crazy as at one point we had his imagination come to life. (Which I actually liked, as we were going to incorporate 2D into our 3D animation.)

Once we decided that we were going for the journalist point of view we started working on character design. We took reference from Granite and Chalk which had very low polly characters and warm pastel colours. From this it gave us a foundation to work on a character. For some reason we all seemed to have big noses for our character designs. We all seem to go for prominent features! For me i focused on the nose mostly and sometimes the ears. I also pointed out expressions on our characters, I suggested maybe only his eyes would show his expressions.

After working on the character we decided to do some quick concepts regarding coffee shops. I also looked at Pubs, we then thought it would be a great idea to set him at the actual airport.

Agreeing with the airport as the setting of our scene, we then parted ways and worked on our own story ideas.
Mine is as follows;

  • So starts off him day dreaming in the airport (waiting for the mayhem to commence)
  • Hears screaming of fans, he looks disgusted
  • Knows he has to follow but doesn’t want to 
  • Ends up in the crowd squished thinking to himself that he hates his Job.
  • Tries to take notes but gets pushed and shoved.
  • Turns his back to leave.
  • Gets a jelly baby thrown at his head.
  • Turns sharply and looks unamused.
  • Finally gets out of crowd, takes all the mayhem in and takes note from a distance.
  • Finds a quiet spot in airport starts to type. Has a bag of jelly baby’s beside him.

We then came back we talked through our story ideas and we decided to take bits out of each story idea to create one original one. Which goes as follows;

  • Journalist is standing at airport behind barrier
  • Bird flies in (journalist unamused)
  • Looks at watch time passes but not as fast as he wants
  • Being impatient he starts tapping the barrier rail
  • Looking bored he turns and looks confusingly at the other journalists who seems to be different from him
  • Aeroplane rolls into shot
  • Door of aeroplane opens
  • Beatles heads come into door way
  • Journalist stands there
  • Loud scream then journalist faints
  • Ends up typing report in hospital

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