BBC Archive Project: Animatic & Other.


After we finalised our story board, we started to work on our 3D animatic. Off course we had to split up who is modelling what. I took on the basic watch and notepad, everything was basic and simple as it is only a rough guideline for our actual animation.

After we modelled our bits and bobs we the designated animating, editing and sound etc between the 4 of us. I took on editing and sound.

With looking at sound I had to be very wary of where I downloaded from as I could not use trademarked sounds as it would be classed as copyright.
I collected the following sounds;

  • Aeroplane sounds
  • Airport sounds
  • Birds chirping
  • Fan noises
  • Footsteps
  • Ticking of watch
  • Type writer sounds

all of which can be found at this link

Cutting the animatic was the tricky part, it was all about the timing and getting the correct cuts and fades in. Honestly even though it was tricky I still rather enjoyed doing it. While waiting for the girls to finish animating I created a trailer for our animation which I will upload later as it was more for fun than university work.

Above is our first previs, as you can see it is still a bit rough and has a few glitches where sound is involved. We got feedback from the bbc and our teachers, we were advised to add in a couple extra scenes and the reporters voice to give us an inclink in what is going on in our animation.

Above is our second previs, we took on our feedback and applied it to our updated animatic. We still have a few things to add like a panning shot to show the airport, zooming into the reporter section, fix the stills to match the current style, shot of the plane landing and stairs attaching. 

As you can see from our updated previs our models have also been updated and more things added. I took on modelling the following;

  • Hospital bedside table
  • Part of the airport
  • Beatles Hair
  • Slippers
  • Window Handle
  • Characters (using Rheas model as a base)

At the start I was a bit rusty with my modelling and my first attempt at the hospital bedside table didn’t work out to well as you will see below in my photos. Instead of looking at actual hospital tables I researched 1960s bedside tables which didn’t really fit the scene. In the end I researched hospital bedside tables which actually suited the scene and honestly I think I modelled it pretty well!

The airport was a bit of a pain as the reference photos where never really clear or give you a sense of scale really. But I got there. I asked Keith (who is my tutor) on how to approach the airport as I wasn’t sure how much detail to put in. He advised as it is mostly going to be in the back ground mostly out of focus that less detail would be as effective as you will not notice the detail and also to only model what is going to be able to see in the scene. So thats the approach I took.

Remodelling Rheas character to create your own was really fun! Its amazing what you can do, for me the hair was a we bit tricky to manipulate but I decided to go for the old man look with either a bald head or just hair round the sides (my granda was inspiration for that one) I had fun playing around with renders on this, as you see below. Using maya vector created a 2D like render of one of my characters which was really cool! I modelled the bald character off one of my character designs and gave him an old mans jumper and vest.

Modelling The Beatles hair…….Nightmare! I really struggled with getting the hair correct. And honestly it still isn’t great, even with Alecs help. I struggled a lot with the locks as they were just fiddly and no matter what I done they couldn’t look the way I wanted. I started of with a basic head model. From there I ran some edges around where the hair would attach and extrude those outward. I then got the overall shape using the side, top, persp views. Alec then helped me smooth out the mesh and fix the fringe as it was a bit lego man looking! (even though it still sort of does look like this)

There is a lot of poly in the slippers even though they are quite simple. Again I think that its my fault for over complicating things. I started out with an image plane of a foot print were I then drew around it creating polygons. From here I extruded faces and edges and also added edge loop to create the overall shape and definition.

I also had the pleasure of doing the fan posters and The Beatles signatures. I also done a pop art sort of style for the Beatles. I tried to make the fan posters look very hand made and not by artist, there is some unintentional spelling mistake but we decided to leave it because it was quite funny and is probably something that would happen. I also done the typography that goes on the balloon in the hospital scene. The signatures were quite tricky, obviously I wasn’t going to get them perfect but I wanted to be close.

I also took on the scene layouts, which then were alter a bit by Bethnay who added extra we touches. The layout for the airport was an awkward one as we fully didn’t decide on where things would be placed. So again things were slightly altered in the lead up to finalising everything. However, I really like the black and white render of the crowd at the airport.



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