My Website.

Above is the link to my website. I hope you like it!


This is the home page of my website, I used wix to create my website. There is both a free and also a paid version of this site. I decided to go for the free one, because yano Im a broke student. I decided to spell my name the proper way with the Fada (It is an Irish name with an accent above a letter, in my case the I). Many people forget the fada in my name and so did I for years. I know this is probably a pointless point to point out!

Any way, the photograph on the main home page was taken by myself in the Botanic gardens belfast. For me its the vibrant green against the white background that really draws it out. It also fits well with the photo on the next page.

I decided to write “Art” instead of animation as honestly I am not really sure if thats the line I want to go down as it is something I enjoy but I also enjoy traditional art and illustration.


I wanted to keep my about page short and sweet. I added in two of my favourites quotes one from Henri Matisse – “Creativity takes courage” and Pablo Picasso – ” Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once grown up”. Two quotes that touch me every time I read them. Creativity does take courage, sometimes it takes courage to pour your heart and sole into a piece of art or anything creative for that matter. And for the second quote, is true. Its harder for someone to be creative when they are grown as there is more people to put them down.


For the minute this is my portfolio page. As you can see I am still trying to find my own style in digital art. So the art style is pretty much all over the place at this moment. But as I grow I hope to develop my digital skills as I know it holds me back…ALOT


I added a page that I put my CV on incase employers want to have a look at my CV or potential clients for commissions.


I also added a contact page where it gives details of how to contact me. Also links to my Linkedin and Art Instagram page. You can also subscribe to my website for regular updates.

I chose a simplistic style with not much colour as I didn’t want to over do it and I think a more simplistic style is classier and more sophisticated.



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