Amazing Grace – Foliage Testers 

As you seen from the research post I have the tasks of the foliage.  I decided to have a go modelling the tree by myself but I found it was taking far to long for what we wanted in such short time as we were already sort of behind as we got our brief late. 
I tried out more of a cartoony style but then scrapped it. 

Jonny told me about Paint Effects in maya, here you can create foliage and things like that simple enough. But was this cheating? I messaged my tutor outside of uni to see if this was classed as that. 

And just to double check with Alec I messaged him also

So with this information I had a play about with paint effects, trying to create different textures and trees. 

For the grass Joel want that fluffy kind of look as was scene in one of the concepts he gave us. 

For the majority of the trees I created the bark separately and then leaf foliage. This was a pain in the ass to be fare as it often made maya lag a lot . 
Meeting with Joel 

Bush/Grass texture 

After getting Joel’s feed back I delved deeper into paint effects Trying to get that fluffiness he was after.  I finally found textures that would work well in the scene.  I also found moving maya onto my cintqe screen and using the pen instead of the mouse made it easier to control the textures. Alec gave me a bit of feed back saying to make them more organic looking as they wouldn’t be so round in real life, which I totally agree but this is what Joel is looking for as in the concept the bushes are quite round and fluffy. 

After playing about with the paint effects I found that you could paint straight onto a polygon and the paint effects would attach and take that shape. You click on the polygon and then select ‘ make paintable ‘  and magic that’s it sorted. This came to be a great  as I could jus treat the polygon as canvas. 

Grass Textures

Above is some sample textures of grass, as in the real country side the grass isn’t all one level. It will have bigger tuffs and dandelions popping out. Again this is just a plain were I painted the grass effects on using ‘Astro grass’ as it was the only one that looked remotely fluffy and I then added the tuffs of grass along with the dandelions after. I actually really enjoyed doing this stuff. 

Quick Render 

I then created a little table of foliage and a tree to see what it would all look like put together. In my opinion it looks pretty nice! 

More Tree Tests
Bails and Water 

Texturing Rebecca’s Bunny 

Rebecca had a little trouble texturing the bunny she created in zbrush, she couldn’t get the texture to stick to the actual animal. At first it worked okay for me and it was sticking fine, but I soon found out the pain of using paint effects on a larger scale. Oh the lagging in maya!! The more strokes you used the slower the software got. I would get half way through and bam maya would crash like the titanic hitting that ice berg. What a pain !!! Four times I had to restart this bunny, I will tell you this I was happy to get it out of my sight. I played about with the settings I done everything you could think off. The only thing that half worked was changing the surface area of the brush, this was the last thing I tried and the only thing that worked. It reduced the amount of strokes I used which then reduced the slowness and lagging in the software. Now finding my barings with the brush settings in paint effects I was able to create different lengths of the furr as you can see by the tail. 

More Tree and Grass Testers 

Above shows different trees with different grass textures, while I was doing all these Testers and render tests I came across that the crass often showed up brighter than the rest, my self and Sinead quickly worked this out as we were able to change the colour of the texture. 
XGEN – worst thing I’ve came across

So Alec mentioned to me about trying out xgen… well did I not want to pull my teeth out? After going through many tutorials and finally being able to sort of work it… dun dun dun when it came to rendering it showed up like this 

Talk about crying, I then done everything every step by step said by downloading mental ray plug ins to playing with render setting but nothing seemed to work. It all came out to rough and jaggy. 

Here are some tests I done using xgen on plains instead of cubes. As you can see they come out quite harsh! 

Tutorials used;

Grass Testers Outside House 

Testing the grass and foliage with Jenny’s house and the girls grace and Dillon model gave us a sense of what the over all scene might look like. 


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