Amazing Grace – Putting Everything together 

When it came to putting everything together in our scene and after learning that to many paint effects stroke makes maya s**t its self. But then something else happened…. When I converted the paint effects to polygons it lost its fluffy texture, not only did this happen, I also found trouble in getting the grass to stay where I wanted it to go. The girls soon worked out it was something to do with the UVs in the planes that it snapped to somewhere else. ​

I then had to work on separate maya files as maya could not Handel the amount of strokes. 

I then added the water after doing the brushes and trees. But Jenny had a problem import this water into the scene. So we had to delete everything else around it and then import it as for some reason this was the only thing that worked as I was unable to add the water in to the textured scene. 

After this I received the textured files of Jenny, we both exchanged files often as Jenny was in charge of the layout of the scene. Once I got the file I added in the flowers and bushes and bails of hay to add more detail. 

I had to add in a plain which I then made paintable and added the trees, from here I changed the shape of the plain to fit in with the shape of the hill so the trees will sit correctly on. 

From here (yes I know the trees are a bit small in regards to everything else) I added the grass again in a different file. I then forgot about the little road in the middle. Here I tried to create a proper country road with tuffs of grass,weeds and pebbles as no country road is straight cut and clean. 

After this, I sent everything to Jenny.


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