Amazing Grace – Research

So I got put into the Flixerpix team along with Jenny, Sinead, Rebecca and Michelle. Honestly I never really heard of flixerpix before so I had to do a bit of research. 

What I found out…

  • Flixerpix is an animation studio bases in Hollywood just 5 miles outside of Belfast. 
  • It was founded in 2003 by a man called Joel Simon.
  • They work in Motion Graphics, 2D animation and stop motion 
  • They worked on projects such as, On the Air and BBC NI series Five Fables 
  • They collaberated with CBBC Newsround on a special called ‘Living with Alchol’ which went on to win a BAFTA

The first two weeks or so of our project we were sort of left in the dark in regards of what we had to do as Joel was busy juggling other things. Finally we got an email back with some useful information. 

We then went and researched the different TV shows and 3D adaptations such as Peter Rabbit, Snoopy etc. 

He then sent us these… 

Notes From First Meeting

After our first meeting we were sort of left feeling a bit confused as he never quite gave us exactly what he wanted us to do. Instead it was left up to us, as you can see we could do as little as a turn table or as much as a full 3D scene. He was really laid back about how much he wanted done and this made a couple of people in our team really stressed as they felt that we didn’t do as much as other teams. 

Anyway moving on.. We began our own concepts of everything. I worked a bit on the pug because I thought he looked a bit girly for a boy dog. Using my friends pug as a reference I began drawing. 

I also done this one… but my group thought it was too like the reference which is understandable cause it sorta is. 

Joel also expressed how the animals wouldn’t speak but would be able to show emotion, like maximus out of Tangled. 


Irish Scenery

Joel wanted the show to be based in the Irish country side. So while I was away for my birthday in donegal I took some photographs of the country side. 

I also found some old photographs of the country side too. 

So we all met together to put what we actually needed to do into action.

As you can see this is our to do list! Very exciting.. 

But Sinead done it out a bit more clear on our Facebook page. 


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