Personal Project 

​​​As a part of our last module we have to do a personal project.  I don’t know how but I have ended up doing two, one a sculpt the other illustrations of me. 

Illustrations of me

Ok​​ay so I recently invested in an iPad Pro and iPencil. Ive always struggled with my digital style of drawing. My style is very messy and not in any way symmetrical. I decided to use Tim Burton as my inspiration. However I don’t think I have mastered the rickety body he creates as much as I have tried. 


Doing anything that represents yourself in any way shape or form requires an honest observation of yourself. So above is my first illustration of myself, bags and all. Here you can see me sitting over a coffee, like I do every morning before uni or work trying to gear myself up for the day. As you can see the bags under my eyes and redness due to lack of sleep. Like I said honest observation.


I got a new dress, no better observation than yourself in a tight bodycon dress. Losing weight over the past few months has caused people to accuse me of ‘not eating’ nope Im pretty sure I’m just looking after myself. So I decided to draw myself in the dress as other people see me, frail and run down. 


Most people don’t know that I like to read.  So I decided to draw myself sitting in my room reading a book. I drew all my illustrations in adobe sketch, a app used on the iPad. And with all I used the graphite pencil and watercolour. But in this one I trasferred it into Autodesks Sketchbook Motion, here I was able to create the plant and move it.  Don’t know about you but I like it! 


On our Easter break I went to Disney world. Best experience ever! So here is a little portrait of me with my Minnie Mouse ears. My friend looked at this and said to me ‘ Cliodhna why do you look so angry?’ To be honest I look angry in most of the illustrations I have drew of myself. Maybe its a subconscious thing? 


Working practically full time and doing uni as well I find it hard to just draw for me. I miss drawing on paper with proper ink and paint. As handy and as up to date digital drawing is there is no better feeling than drawing on an actual canvas. 

I don’t think I captured quite the rickety effect Tim Burton creates. I noticed I tend not to use much colour, its mainly black,greys and white and if there is colour it is usually red,pink or a caramel/brown colour. I really enjoyed doing this which I suppose is the main thing. 

My Sculpt

So I underestimated zbrush. I didn’t realise how hard this was going to be. I chipped away at this for 6 weeks, constantly working on it and restarting trying to get the shape I wanted. Let’s start at the end, this is the final sculpt. Myself and Caitlin booked ourselves in with the life drawing model, it is from there I got the body shape I wanted. 

How Did I Start? 

I knew I was a bit out of my depths trying to model something. I like clay, I like trying to great different things with my hands. But when it comes to 3D work on the computer well that’s a different story all together. I took to google looking at tutorials and step by steps to help me along the way. I was going to try and sculpt it in maya but I thought I’d push my self and try it in Zbrush. 

Talking to Conann he said to me “you need to get your first ten shit ones out of your system ” and oh by god I’d some shit ones!!

My concept; 

Abound is my first attempt. And shocking it is, to get the basic shape I followed the tutorial you can see on the opposite side. As you can see my first attempt is quite flat and I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. I was just trying to get use to the prushes in Zbrush and all the short cuts. 
Where it all came from 

I suppose I may explain where this idea stemmed from. So while searching for some inspiration and art that I like I came across an Artist called Kelly Mckernan. She is a watercolour artist who mainly focuses on women. There was two main pieces that I really fell in love with. (See below) There isn’t much detail in regards to the body, it is quite flat. Which I really like. Also the use of the bubbles/cells is something that I really like, its art like this I’ve been influenced and really love. Fine art like.

Attempt no.2

So with this attempt again I started with a sphere and I worked into it, again looking at different tutorials that Lorna and Caitlin gave me. 

After a while I began to notice a problem, I had a massive lump of clay at the back. No my zbrush skills aren’t the best so I panicked a bit and decided to abandon ship on this sculpt. Trying to get the flat imagine plane looked I then proceeded to come up with Ideas. Here I asked my tutors if I was able to actually create the sculpt with actual clay. With this in mind I was thinking that I could scan it into the computer then add the cells in and maybe to a clay motion animation all these ideas were running round my head. But unfortunately I was unable to do this as they rathered me do a digital sculpt. 

After many failed attempts…

After many failed attempts using a sphere I decided F**k this and started a fresh using a thin plane, but again it didn’t work the plane was way to thin. After looking there zbrush I came across thick plane. YAAYYYY says me. 

From here I used the clay build up tool, inflate, smooth tools and move elastic all to get the basic shape of the model. 

Then instead of smoothing manually, I googled the fastes way and it told me to use clay polish which I found in the settings. This cut down the overall sculpting time! 

After then doing a bit more research into how to create that over all polished finish I came across that if you go into tools you can change the dynamics to subdivids which made the sculpt a lot smoother and nicer looking only downside it created a lot of polygon faces which I found out when I put in to maya. 

Moving into maya..

I exported the zbrush file as a obj file and imported it into may, from here I began creating the cracks in my sculpt. 

Below are some renders I created! From here I picked the one I liked the best. 

I then transferred my favourite render into sketchbook pro, from here I created the cells in the flip book area ​using the different layers to create the growing effect of the cells. I then transferred the second one into iMovies which I then made it go on a loop. I felt like the first one was to mad , it was to in your face with the flashing. But from here I would like to then try to retopologise and model the cells in zbrush and maya to create a more fuller piece to put on a turntable. The reason I did not model the cells is because I ran out of time …story of my life! 



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